The Myth of the Yoga Body: COURSE RECORDING

Teaching for Body Positivity and Deconstructing Fatphobia, Sizeism, Healthism, and Ableism in Ourselves and Yoga

In this course we’ll explore the ways in which fatphobia, sizeism, healthism, and ableism show up in yoga classes and spaces, and how we might work to mitigate their impacts. Participants will learn how a cultural hierarchy of “worthy”, “valid”, or “healthy” bodies are created and maintained, explore how their own body image and relationship to their body has been impacted and shaped by this system, and receive tools for dismantling those narratives in their relationship to their own body.

This course will cover:

  • Tools on how to be kinder to your body
  • Explore the ways, as a yoga teacher or anyone else who works with other bodies, your own internalized body shame, insecurity, or judgement might be showing up in your relationship and work with other people and their bodies.
  • How body-shaming and fat-shaming may be impacting you and your students

This course will also explore how our relationship with our own bodies may be impacting how we teach and interact with student’s bodies, and how to teach and hold space in more body-positive ways. Participants will learn about the Health at Every size framework and how to apply it in yoga classes and yoga spaces, as well as how we might use Health at Every Size and body-positive frameworks to shift yoga culture in general, and create more welcoming and healing spaces for a broader variety of human bodies.

Let’s work together to create yoga classes and spaces that are body-positive, weight-neutral, and welcoming for all bodies!

This course is eligible for how 6 hours of YA CE credit. It will encompass approximately 4 hours of Teaching Methodology, 1 hour of Techniques, Training, and Practice, and .5 hours each of Anatomy and Physiology and Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics.

Meet Your Teachers

Kyra Hagland & RW Alves
Kyra Hagland & RW Alves

RW Alves, C-IAYT, SEP, E-RYT 500 (she/her and they/them), is a social justice educator, certified yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner based in Seattle, Washington. Her work in the world and in yoga is informed by her experience as a fat white queer femme with a lifelong involvement in social justice and activism. She works at the intersections of social justice and spiritual practice by developing curriculum, training and mentoring yoga teachers and yoga therapists, creating spaces for self-care and community-care for activists, and teaching about inclusive languaging and teaching, trauma-informed yoga, nervous system resilience, accessible asana, justice, privilege, and spiritual practice.

RW serves as Faculty for Off the Mat, Into the World and the Yoga Service Conference, is currently developing a Trauma-Informed Yoga certification program with Hala Khouri and Kyra Haglund, and is a co-founder and trainer for Bending Towards Justice, which provides anti-oppression, equity, and social justice trainings for yoga teachers, practitioners, studios, and organizations around the country.

Kyra Haglund (she/her), LCSW, SEP, E-RYT is a yoga teacher, clinical social worker, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. She lived and studied holistic arts & cultural anthropology extensively in India and Nepal and completed her graduate studies in social work from the University of Southern California, focusing on mental health, military social work, family systems, and public policy. Kyra takes an integrative mind-body approach to helping individuals re-regulate their nervous systems and resolve trauma through therapy and yoga.

Learn more about KYRA HAGLUND

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone in a human body. It will be particularly useful for yoga and movement teachers, fitness instructors, and anyone who holds space for and facilitates movement for human bodies, but it will be relevant as well to yoga practitioners, parents, therapists, social workers, clinicians, healthcare providers, and anyone who wants to do work around being kinder and less judgmental to their own and others’ bodies.
Why should someone take this course?
Someone should take this course if they want to teach and hold space in more body-positive ways, heal their relationship with their own body, learn what Health at Every Size is and how to apply it in yoga classes and spaces, and explore the ways that fatphobia, sizeism, healthism, and ableism hurt us all and how we might start to dismantle them.
What topics of discussion will be covered?
This course will discuss fatphobia, sizeism, healthism, and ableism as part of a larger system of power and oppression, how these show up in us as individuals and as teachers, how to use the frameworks of Health at Every Size and body-positivity to hold healing spaces for a greater diversity of bodies, and how to teach, hold, and create spaces that are body-positive, inclusive, and welcoming.
What tools will folks walk away with after taking this course?
Participants in this course will walk away with language and practices for holding inclusive space, a foundational understanding of Health at Every Size and how to apply it in yoga classes and spaces, tools and practices for working with their own and others’ body image struggles, language and framing to support body-positivity and body-diverse spaces, and an integrated analysis of fatphobia, sizeism, healthism, and ableism as part of a larger system of power and oppression, in particular as they apply to yoga classes and spaces

This course is not open for enrollment.


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